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Freitag, 28. März 2008

"Vivre Pour Vivre"/"Live for Life" (1967) - Francis Lai

Since Jule brought up the idea of posting the "Valley of the Dolls" score from 1967 I thought I'd also add some more scores from this film era. Up next is Francis Lai's soundtrack to the French movie "Vivre Pour Vivre"/"Live for Life" starring Yves Montand, Annie Girardot and Candice Bergen. The younger viewers of my blog might know Candice Bergen from her recent role of Shirley Schmidt on the tv show "Boston Legal".

On this album you can hear some best moments of 60's pop ("Thème de Catherine", "Thème de Candice", "Thème de Robert", "Vivre Pour Vivre"). Composer Francis Lai has created unique organ tones that you can't believe it. This soundtrack is very listenable. Lai rises above his usual gallic schmalz for this score and gives the listener some very memorable melodies, some drama and bit of jazz and disco-flavored interludes that capture something of the period. "Thème de Candace" is dramatic and passionate without lapsing into the dreary sap of most of his earlier compositions. The main theme, "Vivre Pour Vivre" is very even and created a nice thread that runs throughout the film.

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