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Dienstag, 25. März 2008

"Gattaca" (1997) - Michael Nyman

This is the very first (and up to date the only one) Michael Nyman soundtrack for a Science-Fiction film.
The soundtrack for "Gattaca" is based on the usual Nyman composing and use of strings and piano in a minimalistic fashion, vith a very good result. Music is very quiet, intimate and almost inaudible at times, very relaxing to listen to after a hard day at work.

The theme for "Becoming Jerome" and "The Morrow" is wonderful and reprised along the album, to a good result. Also magnificient are the theme for "Irene", "The Crossing", "The Departure" and "Irene & The Morrow". More varied than the soundtrack for "The Piano" and enjoyable to listen too. Both music and sound quality have a lot of presence that makes you feel like you are on the recording hall with Nyman and the musicians, very realistic and inmersing. A true masterwork!

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