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Freitag, 28. März 2008

"Valley of the Dolls" (1967) - André Previn & John Williams

As per the kind of request of my buddy Jule I'm happy to share the original score to the 1967 20th Century-Fox movie "Valley of the Dolls" starring Jule's favourite actress Sharon Tate.

Incredible as it may seem, the movie that is consistantly judged as the "Worst Movie of All Time" has one of the best music scores of any 1960s film. The score (composed by André Previn) was conducted by John Williams and it brought Willliams his very first Academy Award nomination (not so surprisingly, the film's only nomination). Most of songs in the film are appallingly bad and include such stunners as "I'll Plant My Own Tree", "It's Impossible", "Come Live With Me" and "Give a Little More" written by Dory Previn. The only exception is "(Theme from) Valley of the Dolls" sung in the film by Dionne Warwick (but not on the soundtrack album). The song later became a major hit for Warwick and her first million seller. Somehow, John Williams managed to adapt all of the material into a beautiful, haunting score that is the best thing about the film. Although violently attacked by the majority of critics in 1967, the film became 20th Century Fox's biggest non-roadshow box-office hit at the time, earning over $50 million world-wide. It was the time when audiences ignored film critics (i.e. "The Sound of Music").

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