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Mittwoch, 26. März 2008

"The Neverending Story" (1984) - Klaus Doldinger & Giorgio Moroder

This is the American version of the score for "The Neverending Story". The differences are as follows:

The first five tracks on this score, including the catchy title song performed by Limahl, were composed and produced by Giorgio Moroder. It should be noted that tracks 2 and 3 - "Swamps of Sadness" and "The Ivory Tower", are not the exact versions used in the film. "The Ivory Tower" track in particular has a stronger bassline and more discernible beat, although it should be noted that these are the original tracks as produced by Moroder (and not remixed for this album).

Tracks 6 -15 are taken from the original 17 track score composed by Klaus Doldinger. That score, which exists on the German version of the film, lacks the title song but also contains cues not heard in the American version of the film. This soundtrack is also available (look under Doldinger or the original title "Die Unendliche Geschichte").

Both versions of the soundtrack are great, and tonally the Moroder tracks do work with Doldinger's original pieces. This version is closer to the the one heard by most viewers, if not necessarily a truer version of the score.

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this version with george m. is a hit in the face and haven't with the regular release nothing to do - if anybody have interest i have the firstpress WITHOUT the boring Limahl track.