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Freitag, 28. März 2008

"Love Story" (1970) - Francis Lai

"Love Story" is a timeless classic that nearly anyone can appreciate, with its touching story and beautiful soundtrack this film is unforgettable. The first track we start off with is "Theme from Love Story" which is a mixture of several instrumental pieces and part of different film sequences in the film. The opening music plays like the words from the beginning of the film "What can you say about a 24 year old girl who died?" The second track "Snow Frolic" is quite an unusual piece that sounds very French in origin. A very simply chord structure holds the song together with the very basic bass keeping the beat going. I am not sure whom Francis Lai chose to sing this particular song but she does a marvelous job doing so. The next song is Mozarts "Sonata in F Major" which is the type of song that is very pleasant to listen to early in morning when waking up to the sunrise. The fourth song "I Love You, Phil" was a piece of music not featured for some reason in the motion picture. What is very interesting about this song is the guitar solo intertwined with the violins and orchestral accompanyment. Track 5 ("The Christmas Trees") and track 7 ("Bozo Barrett") both were not included in the film, yet are well worth listening to. Although I found the "Bozo Barrett" track too overwhelming to enjoy I felt the "Christmas Trees" was a track that contained a beautiful melody and evolved very sweetly. "Searching for Jenny" takes you back to the dramatic sequence in the film where Oliver searchs for Jenny. The 8th track "Skating in Central Park" is a very sweet tune that sounds like something out of the Nutcracker suite. The next track "The Long Walk Home" is a bit of a dragging song yet some listeners may enjoy it. Concerto No. 3 in D Major is a beautiful allegro by J.S. Bach, unfortuantely it is very short but extremely enjoyable to say the least. Finally, we come to the heart of the Love Story Soundtrack, the finest track on the entire album. The "Theme from Love Story Finale" is the definate track that makes this score such an excellant buy for anyone who is a fan of deep and inspiring music.

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